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Comprehensive Visual Health Check

Bring your vehicle to us for a Service or repair and benefit from a comprehensive Visual Health Check.

Our expertly trained Technicians will run a series of checks on your vehicle. In fact, they will look at 36 different points on your vehicle and provide a written report at the end of it, with an explanation of any findings.

Your Service Advisor will go through the report with you, to help you decide what action to take, if any. You'll then receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, but there is no obligation to have it done there and then.

To help you decide, the written report grades each element of the Health Check according to the following colour codes:

Red items - require urgent attention.

Amber items - some concerns identified. If not addressed, these items need monitoring to ensure safety and/or reliability of your vehicle is not compromised.

Green items - vehicle has been checked and is in satisfactory condition.

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